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Required Tools

Buying the right tools is a very important investment as you start your career as a professional farrier. Many students make the mistake of buying the wrong tools when they start. To help you make an educated investment, we offer both tools for sale and for rent at the school. The cost to rent a full tool kit is $450 for the full course. If you wish to buy all the tools when you start the course, we offer a complete line of tools between for between $3000 to $3500 depending on brand. Our tool store carries everything on this list. If you decide to buy your own tools, we recommend the premium line of the following brands; GE, Mustad, Kahn, MFC, and/or Jim Keith. Please stay away from cheap tools. You will regret it very quickly when you start. 

Required Tools

Shoeing Tool Box 

Hoof Stand 

Shoeing Apron

Clinch Cutter 

Hoof Knife 

Shoe Pull Off 

Hoof Nipper


Crease Nail Puller 

Driving Hammer 

Rounding Hammer 

Clipping Hammer 

Reg Head Fullering Tool 

5/16 Fire Tongs

Hot Shoe Tongs 

Rasp Handles 

Regular Rasp

Half Round Rasp 

Knife Sharpener 

Hoof Gauge 

Large Butcher Block Brush



Drift Punch 

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