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Idaho Campus

Idaho Horseshoeing School is one of the largest and most sought-after farrier schools in the world. Idaho Horseshoeing School has 2 campus's. The main campus is located on a horse ranch in Roberts, Idaho. 


Idaho Horseshoeing school has a 30 student teaching capacity with 4 full time instructors and 1000’s of horses to work on throughout your course.

The Main Campus housing is included in tuition. Please be aware that you will be sharing rooms with 3-5 other people. You may bring a trailer or RV but please note that we do not have hookups besides power. 


When you graduate from the 20 week course, our goal for you is to not only have the skills necessary to start a farrier business, but also have a legal LLC established, a business bank account with an attached debit card, a basic understanding of quickbooks, and a personalized website to get your business started legally and correctly. By the time you graduate from our longest course, you will have all the tools and abilities you will need to start your business. 

Campus Rules:

  • Absolutely no Men are allowed to visit the women's house or vice versa. 

  • No smoking, alcohol, drugs, chewing tobacco or vaping allowed in any campus home or work area. 

  • No profanity in the workplace

  • Homes should be kept clean at all times 

Any violation of the above stated rules will result in loss of housing privileges. 

While these rules may seem excessive, we want you to understand that we are in the business of creating world class farrier PROFESSIONALS. If you struggle with with any of the above habits, we invite you to think of your farrier course as a way to break the habit and create a healthier lifestyle to prolong your farrier career. 

Main Campus Housing and Shoeing Barn
599 N 2850 E Roberts Idaho

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