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Campus and Housing

Student Housing: All students may stay in the large ranch home free of charge. The women will stay in a large basement apartment while the men will use the main floor and second floor living facilities. Men and Women will have their own bathrooms and kitchens. The only shared area in the Ranch House is the large kitchen and dining area. Housing is free if you choose to live on campus. You may bring your horse upon special request.








Married and Family Housing: The school can provide a 5 bed 2 bath house a mile from the school for students that need accommodations for spouse and or children for the duration of the course. This is also available for anyone that requests their own home while they go to school. Cost is $1000 month to rent the entire home for students and/or families. This home is available on a first come first serve bases







Tiny Home: The Tiny home sits on campus and is available to guests that wants to visit for a night and see what shoeing school is all about. This home is free for parents of students for a one night visit and is $150 a night for guests. 








All students and guests must follow the rules of the IHS housing.

Rules of the Ranch House:

  • Absolutely no men are allowed in the women's area or women in the men's area.

  • No drugs, alcohol, or smoking on campus

  • No shoes in carpeted areas

  • Be respectful of others space and property.

  • Clean up after yourself

Students that do not follow the Ranch House rules will lose housing privileges and must find their own housing accommodations while they finish the course.  

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