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Riley Mickelsen CJF


As a Professional Farrier, Riley has put his skills to the test multiple times from different farrier organizations. He received the Level 1 and 2 Journeyman Certification from the Brotherhood of Working Farriers (BWFA) soon after he became a full time farrier.


After he successfully tested with the BWFA, he went on to test with the American Farriers Association (AFA). There he learned the importance of practice and honing his abilities. After a few attempts, he passed all of the AFA Certification levels including the Certified Journeyman Farrier. He learned from this experience that becoming a master of the trade is a lifelong pursuit. The more he studies the farrier trade, the more he has realized there is to learn. 

Along with his Farrier Certifications, Riley possesses a Bachelors in Business Management from BYU-Idaho. He is also currently pursuing a Masters Degree from the prestigious University of Edinburgh in Equine Science. He is completely fluent in Spanish and worked as the head instructor for Oklahoma Horseshoeing school for 2 years. He an his wife are also the creators of own of the largest horse hoof care YouTube and Facebook channels on the internet. He and his family are excited to help you in any way they can.

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Kim Helton 


Kim is devoted to her two Tennessee Walking Horses and enjoys trail riding her horses Blanco Buster and Ranger in her free time.​ 

Kim is the manager here at the Idaho Horseshoeing School and enjoys working with the students in helping them navigate their journey to becoming Farriers. She works with the students from enrollment through graduation, making sure she is available to them to answer questions and guide each person through their stay here at the school. She prides herself on creating a positive environment that helps our students achieve success.


Cody Harris CF


Head Instructor

Horses have been a part of Cody's life for as long as he can remember. He is a very skilled horseman and a talented farrier. Cody has 4 years in the farrier industry and was one of the first students to graduate from Idaho Horseshoeing School.


He is currently pursuing his journeyman certification level through the AFA while shoeing horses and helping teach at the school.  Cody currently is a Certified Farrier under the American Farriers Association. 


Ashtyn Mickelsen 



Ashtyn is married to Riley Mickelsen and is heavily involved in the day to day activities at the school. Her main responsibility now in the company is to video our day to day work. Some of her videos have captured the views of over 150 million people on Facebook and YouTube.


She prides herself in being able to capture the small but important details of horseshoeing. Along with being a talented videographer, she is a full time mother of 4 children. 


Dustin Smith




Tamsen Justice



Mckenzi Wray


Enrollment Officer


Emerie Anderson


Store Manager

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