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Course Description

 Professional Farrier Courses

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We have structured our curriculum in a way for you to effectively learn each principle. During your course work, you will enjoy a very small class size with personalized instruction. Please see the syllabus page to see exactly what you will be learning

1 Week Trial CourseInterested in putting your toes in the water but aren't sure if farriery is for you? Come join our group for a week. You will be thrown in the water with our full time students and work side by side with them for a week. By the end of the week, you will know if you are ready to commit to being a full time student and pursue this amazing career. This short course starts every Monday


4 Week Farrier Fundamentals Course: In the fundamentals course, you will study basic anatomy of the hoof and leg. You will share barn space with the 8 and 16 week students, but your focus will be how to achieve a balanced trim, pull shoes, and forge basic projects. This is a great intro class for those that are not interested in becoming a professional farrier. This course starts the first Monday of every month.

8 Week Certified Farrier Course:  When you graduate, our goal is for you to be ready to take and pass the AFA (American Farriers Association) Certified Farrier test and start a successful career as a professional farrier. Shoeing for specific breeds, anatomy, and correctional shoeing will be covered in this course. This course starts the first Monday of every month.

16 Week Journeyman Farrier Course:   If you do not like to settle for mediocre, this course is for you. This course is designed for those that want to become leaders in the farrier industry. Our goal for our 16 week students is for them to be prepared to take the highest and most difficult level of certification offered in the United States, which is the AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier test. This course starts the first Monday of every month.

20 Week Career Farrier Course:  We finally have developed a course to cover all the important aspects of starting a career as a farrier. This course is identical to the 16-week journeyman farrier course for the first 16 weeks. The last 4 weeks will focus on advancing and perfecting skills as well as learning the business aspect of farriery. Along with studying farrier horsemanship, you will study how to get your business up and running. By the time you graduate, our goal is for you to have a legal LLC, a solid understanding of quickbooks and an attached business debit card, a website, and a marketing plan to get your business started. You will also have personalized forge time in coal forges with Riley Mickelsen CJF.  


We accept new students for the 4-20 week course the first Monday of 

every month with a one month break in Decmeber.

 The 1 week trial course starts every Monday





Diplomas will not be given until completion of the final test of the 400 level course. This is a very difficult test that will require you to spend a lot of extra hours practicing. Most farriers will never achieve this skill level of forging and correct shoe placement. The amount of hours you spend practicing will determine if you graduate. 


Buckle Test

This is the buckle we offer to our top graduates. To achieve this buckle, you must be able to shoe a horse with handmade, fullered, toe clipped/ quarter clipped shoes in under 3 hours. Your work will be judged to the highest standard by all 3 of our instructors.

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