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Course Description

 Professional Farrier Courses

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We've meticulously designed our curriculum to ensure that each principle is effectively absorbed. Throughout your coursework, you'll benefit from intimate class sizes and personalized instruction tailored to your needs. Explore the syllabus page for a detailed overview of what awaits you.

Pay-by-Week Course Option: Interested in testing the waters before taking the plunge into farriery? Join our week-long program, where you'll immerse yourself alongside our full-time students. By week's end, you'll gain clarity on whether this rewarding career path aligns with your aspirations. This course kicks off every Monday.

8-Week Farrier Career Course: Perfect for those intrigued by the foundational aspects of the farrier trade, this program sets the stage for certification and a career as a part-time or full-time farrier. You'll master 20 different lamenesses, delving into their reasons, anatomy, symptoms, and treatments, along with practicing the application of the therapeutic horseshoes associated with said lamenesses. Additionally, you'll learn the essentials of shoeing and trimming across various disciplines, and gain proficiency in hand-forging you own horseshoes.

16-Week Advanced Course: Building upon the fundamentals covered in the 8-week course, this program intensifies during the latter half. You'll tackle advanced forging projects, such as bar shoes, heart bars, egg bars, and patten bars, while honing skills in fullering and forge welding. With an expanded curriculum covering 30 lamenesses, you'll gain hands-on experience shoeing more horses under supervision, ensuring you're well-prepared to excel in the field.

20-Week Entrepreneur Course: For aspiring farriers eager to hit the ground running with their own business, our comprehensive 20-week program provides the essential know-how. Following the structure of the 8 and 16-week courses until week 16, this program then shifts focus towards entrepreneurial skills. While continuing daily work with horses and forging projects, you'll also delve into building a professional website, establishing a legal LLC, and crafting a solid budget sheet. As part of your graduation requirements, you'll present your business plan to the class, ensuring you're equipped to embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

Schedule: New student intakes occur on the first Monday of every month, providing regular opportunities to begin your farrier education journey.

Buckle Test

This is the buckle we offer to our top graduates. To achieve this buckle, you must be able to shoe a horse with handmade, fullered, toe clipped/ quarter clipped shoes in under 3 hours. Your work will be judged to the highest standard by all 3 of our instructors.

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