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Campus Policies

Idaho is a beautiful place. We are surrounded by mountains and you can do just about anything you want within an hour of campus. Between the famous St. Anthony sand dunes and Jackson Hole Wyoming, Idaho will not disappoint. 

We want you to be comfortable and happy during your stay at IHS. For this reason, we will provide housing, breakfast, and lunch for the duration of the course you choose free of charge. TV and WIFI will be available in the dorms. There are 2 major cities about 20 minutes driving distance from the school to do any shopping you may need. 

Policies and Procedures: 

Admission Requirements.

Due to the physical nature of the trade, we require that the applicant be physically fit and in good health. If an applicant has any special needs or requirements, they must contact a school administrator before enrolling the course. Students must be between the age 18-65. 


Dismissed Students.

Students may be dismissed from campus if they are found with drugs or alcohol on campus. The dismissed student will receive credit for the completed portion of the course. The student may be readmitted in the next round of courses and use the remaining balance of paid tuition. Students will also be dismissed if found guilty of sexual harassment of other students, customers, and/or instructors.  


Grading Policy.

Students will be evaluated through testing every week. These tests will include both a written and practical portion. In order to receive a certificate of completion, students must average above a 75% on all of the written and practical tests.


Refund Policy.

We have a no-refund policy after completion of the second week of courses. A student that wishes to withdrawal after the second week will receive school credit to finish the course at a later time. Before the second week, the student will follow the refund grid prepared by school administration. 



Working with animals and hot metal can be dangerous. For this reason we ask that all students sign a release waiver before starting their enrollment. Waivers will be provided on your first day of class. 



Idaho Horseshoeing School requires that students attend class daily, Monday-Friday. If a student has more than 3 unexcused absences, they must complete the missed work on their own time. If work is not completed, the student will not receive a Certificate of Completion.


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