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Forging Fit Farriers 

Fitness requirements before enrolling:

Being a farrier can be very physically demanding. For this reason, we have created some simple requirements before you start. You will be tested on the physical requirements on your first day. If you cannot complete the requirements, you will be asked to participate in the morning 7am workouts during your  until you can perform all the requirements. 


Fitness requirements: 

  • Do a cardio machine for 10 minutes non-stop. (treadmill jog, row machine, stationary bike)

  • Hang from arms for 10 seconds

  • 20 air squats

  • 1 strict push up


**Students with physical disabilities will be evaluated on a case by case scenario.

While you are a student at the Idaho Horseshoeing School, we will highly encourage you to become involved in our daily workouts designed to strengthen all parts of your body. We have purchased a building 1 mile from the school full of gym equipment to help you stay limber, flexible, and strong. 

These fitness requirements are in place for your safety and the horses safety. Great farriers are fit farriers.

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