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200 Level Course
(4 weeks)

This course material is taken only after successful completion of 100 level course. In this course, you will increase your skills both under the horse and at the anvil. You will study common hoof problems and how to recognize them. Upon completion of this course work, you will be able to identify balanced hoof angles and correct shoe fit. You will also begin to gain confidence in you shoe shaping abilities. After the 200 level test is completed, you will have a 2 week break from school to apply some of your knowledge in a short apprenticeship. (See Syllabus page)


200 Level Course (2 weeks)

Study Work

Anatomy review

Tendons and ligaments





Forge Work

Fullered Front Shoe

Fullered Hind Shoe

Front Rolled toe

Front Rocker toe


Shoe 2 feet with  plain stamped shoes in 2 hours 

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