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400 Level Course
(2 weeks)

These are your last 2 weeks of course material here at IHS. During this time, you will participate in complex forging cases and learn how to help lame horses on the road to recovery. During the last two weeks, you will be preparing for your final, which is very similar to the Certified Journeyman Farrier test that the American Farriers Association organizes every month. Most of your time will be spent forging different handmade shoes and placing them on live horses. Any corrective shoeing work that comes through the school will be your responsibility. Upon completion of the 400 Level Course, you will receive a diploma of completion. 

(see syllabus page)

400 Level Course (2 weeks)

Study Work

Anatomy review

Tendons and ligaments review

Corrective Trimming 

Corrective Shoeing

Weight Bearing

Working with Vets

Business Ethics

Forge Work

Front/Hind Bar Shoe

Front/Hind Heart Bar

Front/Hind Patten Bar

Final Test

Shoe 4 feet with handmade toe clipped/quarter clipped shoes in 3 hours

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