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300 Level Course
(2 weeks)

Once you have completed the requirements of passing the 200 level course, you will start 300 level courses. By now, you have become efficient with your tools and you are ready to start some of your own unsupervised work, During these 2 weeks, you will learn about shoeing performance horses from the industry that interests you. You will also begin to work on corrective and therapeutic cases as they come through the school. 

(see syllabus page)

300 Level Course (2 weeks)

Study Work

Anatomy review

Tendons and ligaments review

Tendon injuries

Shoeing protocols

Toe cracks/quarter cracks

Shoeing Performance horses

Forge Work

Front Toe Clip shoe

Hind Quarter Clip shoe




Shoe 2 feet with handmade toe clipped/quarter clipped shoes in 3 hours

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