Process for approval of curriculum other academic procedures to ensure quality IDAPA Course descriptions for all courses or courses of study IDAPA

School Director will approval curriculum and ensure quality on a yearly basis every January 5th.

Complete list of instructors and their qualifications IDAPA & IDAPA

Riley Mickelsen: Bachelor of Science BYU-I, Masters of Science University of Edinburgh, AFA Journeyman Farrier.

Copies of instructors’ current state occupational license certificates, if applicable IDAPA


Written and signed statement attesting that courses or courses of study applicable to occupations, which are otherwise regulated, licensed, or registered with another state agency, meet the regulating state agency or state board standards for licensure or certification. IDAPA


Written agreements with other entities relied upon to provide instructional or library resources, if applicable IDAPA


Description of financial resources to ensure instructional objections are accomplished, including

consideration of: IDAPA


Classroom and training facilities

All classroom material will be taught in our on sight barn which includes 5000 square foot shoeing area, 300 sq foot anatomy classroom. 

Instructional materials, supplies, and equipment Instructors and staff

All instructional material are included in the tuition which include the Gregory textbook of farriery. 

Physical and instructional technology infrastructure



Idaho State Board of Education

Discussion of how arrangements will be made for a full refund or comparable teach‐out opportunity in the even the school is unable to fulfill its obligations to students IDAPA

Idaho Horseshoeing School refunds the students based on a tuition refund schedule provided to students at enrollment. The refund is based off a cost of $500/ day while studying at the school. 

Completed Surety Bond Worksheet

Documentation of in‐force surety bond adequate to cover the school’s tuition liability IDAPA

Policies, Processes, and Procedures:

Student admissions, including criteria taking into account the capacity of the student to complete the

program and the ability of the school to handle the unique needs of the students it accepts IDAPA

Idaho Horseshoeing School is able to teach a maximum of 15 students at one period. While the student count may vary from course to course, our facilities and instructor are able to manage 15 students at a time comfortably. 

Dismissal of students and re‐admission of dismissed students IDAPA &

If a student is found guilty of violating the school rules, he/she will be dismissed. Dismissed students may receive a partial refund if dismissed in the first 2 weeks of the chosen course. After the first 2 weeks, no refund will be offered. The student may continue the studies the following year after dismissal and use the unused tuition to finish their course. 

Plan for security and maintenance of student records, including admissions information and courses completed by each student IDAPA

All records, grades, and policies will be kept in a safe locked cabinet on location for a year after the student graduates, 

Hiring procedures IDAPA



Working conditions IDAPA


Instructor rights and responsibilities IDAPA


Process for evaluation/assessment of all employees IDAPA & IDAPA Procedures for assessing/evaluating the effectiveness of instruction IDAPA


Marketing and Solicitation:

Copies of all advertising and promotional materials used to solicit students, including URLs to online advertising IDAPA

Facebook: Idaho Horseshoeing School 

Copies of agents’ certificates of identification IDAPA Information to be Provided to All Students/Prospective Students in Writing:

Student rights and responsibilities, including due process in disciplinary matters for all students IDAPA &

Students may appeal a dismissal decision with the school director. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case scenario

Grievance procedures, including name and contact information for the individual responsible for dealing handling complaints and due process procedures IDAPA &

All grievances will be dealt will by the school administrators, Riley and Ashtyn Mickelsen: 208 313 8332

Calendar of study including registration dates, beginning and ending dates for all courses, and holidays IDAPA

 New Courses will begin the first Monday of every month until until the end of November. During December, there will not be class in session and class will resume the first Monday of January. 

Requirements for each course or course of study, including purpose, length, and objectives IDAPA‐03

Syllabus for each course IDAPA 



Course completion requirements, including any practicums and clinicals

For courses or courses of study which require clinical, practicum or internship components, copies of information provided to students regarding the number and locations of clinical, practicum or internship positions available IDAPA


Explanation of satisfactory progress, including the grading/assessment system IDAPA

Grades for quizzes will be collected daily. Students must achieve an 70 or higher to receive a diploma of completion.

Listing of available services to support students IDAPA

Riley Mickelsen:, 208 313 8332

Amount of tuition, fees, and all other charges and all expenses necessary for completion of the course or courses of study IDAPA &

(see tuition page)

Payment schedule for each course of course of study IDAPA &

(see Finacial Aid)

Written acknowledgement page to be signed by each student prior to making a financial commitment (See Certification of Compliance for required verbiage.)

"I understand that [insert name of proprietary school] is registered with the State Board of Education in accordance with Section 33‐2403, Idaho Code. I also understand that the State Board of Education has not accredited or endorsed any course of study being offered by [insert name of proprietary school], and that these courses may not be accepted for transfer into any Idaho public postsecondary institution."

208 313 8332

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